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  • What is GERMBUSTERS long term antimicrobial protection?
    We use a technologically advanced, long-lasting antimicrobial surface protectant spray, that has been proven highly effective in prohibiting the growth of a wide array of dangerous microbes such as bacteria, fungi, algae, mold & mildew that can cause sickness, odors, stains and product deterioration.
  • How does your product work?
    The active ingredient is chemically engineered to form a completely non-toxic, colorless, odorless, positively charged, highly durable polymer that quickly adheres to the treated surface. In addition, the product is designed to not wash off and provide continuous antimicrobial protection for atleast 90 days and longer (dependent upon surface exposure/usage). More importantly, it produces microscopic “spikes” that puncture/shock the cell membrane, thus killing it. Since there are no toxins that leach onto the microbe itself, the surface continues to be protected: this is the Mechanical Process, leaving no opportunities for cell adaptation or mutation (i.e. “superbugs”- antibiotic resistant microorganism strains).
  • How do I benefit from your service?
    Upon application, the wet product will kill exisiting bacteria already living on the surface. Once it dries, however, our protectant continuously fights the growth of microbes that cause odors, stains, and product degradation for months at a time without the need for reapplication. According to the CDC, 80% of infections are caused by cross contamination from unprotected high risk touch points. Since our product is a surface protectant, not just a disinfectant, it protects your family, customers, and employees from the spread of potentially deadly/dangerous microbes such as: MRSA, C-Diff, H1N1, Staph, Salmonella, E-Coli, Ringworm, Mold and Mildew, etc.
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